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Posted on March 27, 2009 by Robert- I Love Fort Mill

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epson salt in the garden

Epson Salt (a mineral compound of magnesium sulfate) has hundreds of proven uses around the home and garden. This article will focus on the gardening applications. For other applications, including more details on its use in the garden, readers might find the website helpful. Bear in mind, the council was assembled to encourage consumption of Epsom Salt. Some of the claims below actually summarize material found the site; other information comes from several sites mentioned (FYI). If you have experiences with Epsom Salt that you feel will benefit others, please comment on them.

Studies show the magnesium component of Epsom Salt not only aids seed germinatation, it also contributes to the overall health of the plant itself. Plants grow bushier and produce more flowers as a result of increased chlorophyll production which also improves phosphorus and nitrogen (fertilizer) absorbtion.

The sulfur compoent is believed to also contribute to chlorophyll production enhancing the effectiveness of most fertilizers. Unlike most commercial fertilizers which build up in the soil over time, Epsom Salt is not persistent so you can't overuse it.

Tests by the National Gardening Association confirm - roses fertilized with Epsom Salt grow bushier and produce more flowers, while the compound makes pepper plants grow larger than those treated with commercial fertilizer alone. There was no mention of why ES was added (ex. soil test results indicated deficiency in magnesium).

ES does serve as an organic supplement if there is a need. There are many blogs and gardening forums available online, but a couple of sites reviewed for content and helpful hints include:

. . . 1)

. . . 2) (tomato specific

You may also call (973) 471-8555 for more free information on uses of Epsom Salt.

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Posted on March 8, 2009 by Christa Franse

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